Argyle Hollywood Night Club

Argyle Hollywood (Closed)

Elegant bi-level bar & nightclub featuring 1960s-era decor, a fireplace & a 2-story VIP table.

Argyle Hollywood

Venue Description

The Argyle Hollywood is a hybrid between a nightclub and a traditional cocktail bar. From the moment you walk through the door till you step back outside you will be transported to a world where you are a 1920s fat cat in your own mansion; with all the luxury to spare.

Below the streets of Hollywood lies a secret place known for the company it keeps and the company it keeps out. A subterranean hideaway visited for business and pleasure by everyone who’s anyone. Neither modest nor pretentious; it’s a throwback to an era of glamour and sophistication.

Above the underground bar rests an oasis amidst L.A nightlife, the Argyle Hollywood; a debauched dancery that’s soon to be mentioned with devoted reverence and yearning nostalgia. It’s a champagne jam, where high art, high fashion, and high times mingle on the dancefloor; and the DJ is only as important as the next song.

The Argyle Hollywood stands as a colorful canvas that lends itself to the artistry of its guests; creating a welcome respite from the monotonous and the detached. Where an air of spontaneity and excess endures; and lavishly theatrical celebrations engage the crowd with ever-changing style and composition.

We welcome you to take part in a brazen performance; at The Argyle Hollywood. And if you still have questions; then head to our Contact Info to connect with us. We have highly trained Hollywood Nightlife pro’s standing by and ready to help you, 24/7.

When you choose VIP Nightlife to plan a night out; you don’t have to know anything about the Argyle Hollywood to have the time of your life. With years of experience, our VIP team can take your ideas from an inspiration to a fully executed, once-in-a-lifetime occasion. VIP Nightlife will create an event experience for your every need and services groups of all sizes; up to 1000 or more guests. So let us plan your next great day or night out in Tinseltown L.A; just ask us how! And be sure to “Like Us” on Facebook so you can keep up with our Upcoming Events and Deals.

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