BUNT., real name Levi Wijk (Levent Gülteki), is a German electronic music producer from Stuttgart. He delivers party-friendly dance jams that honor the spirit of the late Avicii and channel the early material of funky forebears Justice, Basement Jaxx, and Calvin Harris.

Debuting in the mid-2010s, the project started out as a duo with Nicolas Crispin. The duo, who was high school friends, teamed up at the age of 16 to craft dance anthems inspired by Swedish House Mafia. Taking SHM’s propulsive festival house approach and enriching it with folksy elements like banjos and harmonicas, they adopted a style strikingly similar to Avicii’s on early tracks such as 2014’s “Journey” and “Harmonica.” BUNT.’s subsequent 2016 output “Old Guitar” and “Coming Home” sounded like Of Monsters and Men or Mumford & Sons spun with an EDM twist, while “Young Hearts” was infused with saxophone. By 2018, Celtic music tones found their way into “On My Way” and “Little Secrets.”

With nearly a dozen tracks building a wide audience by the end of the decade, the pair signed with Geffen and made their label debut with 2019’s “Oh My Other.” Moving to Interscope, BUNT. released several singles in 2020, including the Avicii tribute “Crocodile Tears” (featuring Jens Hult), “Unbreakable” (featuring Clarence Coffee, Jr.), and “Nights Like That” (with Georgia Ku).

In 2021, BUNT. released “Out of Time” (with Diviners and Tom Bailey) and “Hurricane” (featuring Hon & SMBDY).

Crispin announced his departure from BUNT. in May of that year, and Wijk continued using the name as a solo artist.


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