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Based in Dallas Texas, Bass Junkies are a dynamic electronic music duo comprised of DJ Spin and DJ Ivy. They’re well-known for their catchy beats and upbeat live performances. Moreover, they seamlessly incorporate dance music elements with their electronic music, which is their main genre, to produce a distinctive and alluring sound.

Bass Junkies’ throbbing rhythms of EDM serve as inspiration for their innovative and energetic style of music. Their preferred subgenre of dance gives them the freedom to experiment with diverse audio environments and produce songs that are sure to get listeners up and dancing to the beat.

Bass Junkies create compositions that are an aural treat thanks to their expertise with synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments. Pulsating basslines, captivating melodies, and complex layers of electronic sounds are the hallmarks of their music. Their music never fails to enthrall listeners and take them to a realm of auditory bliss, whether it’s a euphoric anthem or a gritty club banger.

As a major player in the electronic music world, Bass Junkies have made their mark. They have a devoted following thanks to their capacity for producing contagious beats and their persistent passion for what they do. Bass Junkies continue to push boundaries and leave their imprint on the electronic dance music scene with their powerful sound and compelling performances. Prepare to be carried away by their music, and let the bass take the lead!

What are the best events where and when you can dance to the sounds of Bass Junkies? Glad you asked! Typically, Halloween and New Year’s Eve are the two top holiday events to party all night long to Bass Junkies beats. Visit to find out about upcoming holiday special events and more.

Bass Junkies

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